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I make marketing for solo entrepreneurs ridiculously easy

Allison Wentworth Ross

Have you ever taken a quiz and discovered something interesting, amusing, or insightful about yourself?

In that moment, “something” happened. You either smiled, reflected a little deeper, or felt inspired to take action. In that moment, you were engaged.

By helping hundreds of solo entrepreneurs over the past 20 years, I’ve developed a good understanding of what works well and what doesn’t work at all, and the winning strategy by far is an online quiz!

In an online environment where you don’t know your customer and they can’t feel, touch, taste, or smell your product, a personalized quiz bridges the gap.

The right quiz provides a platform for you to:

  • Be authentically you;
  • Gain information about potential clients in the moment as if you were there having a face-to-face conversation;
  • Guide them down a personalised pathway that makes them feel like you’re speaking directly to them;
  • Start building a relationship of trust where they feel seen and heard while, ironically, you can neither see them nor hear them.

The best part is that quizzes are adaptable for any marketing strategy and can be used for anything from book launches to brand awareness and course curriculums, They can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be in order to instantly connect with your visitors.


The challenge of solo entrepreneurship

According to Merriam-Webster, “solo” means to perform by oneself. It also says an “entrepreneur” is a person who sets up a business or businesses.

Yet we know that it doesn’t take one person to set up a successful business, so is the notion of solo entrepreneurship merely a myth?

Consider your favourite team sport. Now imagine a batsman, goalkeeper, or flyhalf alone on the field with their opponents. What are the chances of them winning the match? It’s impossible.

Marketing is no different.

Back in pre-Internet days, business was done in a building. 

There were clear distinctions between departments as finance, operations, HR, IT, logistics, and marketing stayed in their lanes. When the Internet came along, it was simply just another channel to include in the overall marketing and IT strategies of businesses who already had the budget and could easily acquire the skill.

Compare this to solo entrepreneurship in pre-Internet days:

  • As a side hustle, the entrepreneurs amongst us would buy products from a vendor and sell to family, friends, colleagues, and the family and friends of colleagues.
  • A service business with a marketing budget would pay for advertising in local newspapers or the “snuffelgids” in their area.
  • Mostly, marketing was done through word of mouth.

Along comes the Internet and just like that, solo entrepreneurs are expected to be marketing gurus as well as navigate technology like pros simply to stay afloat.

As technology and marketing continue to merge at a rapid rate in the form of Artificial Intelligence and cryptostuff, the chasm between being “solo” and being an “entrepreneur” is becoming impossible to cross. For many (most?) the time-money-skill struggle is as real as the where-is-the-next-meal-coming-from one.

Solo entrepreneurs need a new game.

As entrepreneurs, we’re at an interesting crossroads. Do we continue to accept the unrealistic expectations that have been placed on us in order to be successful? Or do we redefine what it means to be solo entrepreneurs and do it our way?


Your potential

Being a solo entrepreneur is not all doom and gloom. On the contrary. It is our spirit and our commitment to our mission that drives us to do what we do, which makes it all the more rewarding. We do it for a cause greater than ourselves.

So just imagine a world where you didn’t have to worry about marketing! Where you can show up every day and focus on doing only what makes you happy….

My promise

I understand your challenges because I live through them myself. As a writer, mentor, and marketing consultant with a keen interest in quantum physics and a background that spans retail, marketing, e-learning, and IT, I’ve done all the upfront thinking for you. 

By combining these multiple disciplines, I’ve developed one quick-and-easy method for engaging your audience and making marketing ridiculously easy.


How we redefine marketing...together


The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is that they're being pulled into so many directions that take them off course. A quiz, done in the right way, gives you clarity.


Only once you know where you're going can you figure out how to get there. Why are you doing it? Who are you serving? What are you offering? How can you deliver it in a fun way?


If you're a spin bowler, don't try to win the match my being the best batsman or wicketkeeper on the pitch. When it comes to executing our plan, play to your strengths.


As a solo entrepreneur, self-care is vital. From this place of nurturing, you're able to shine your light in a way that naturally attracts the right people to you. That's the Law of Attraction.

  1. We start by removing all anxiety you may have around marketing as I show you how simple marketing strategy really is when you use a quiz as your strategy-develpment tool.
  2. We then put together a plan of action that suits your time, strengths, and budget.
  3. In which aspects of all that is marketing are you most likely to flourish? That’s where we focus.
  4. With the ease that comes with knowing your marketing is under control, we continue to feed your soul.


Strategy development made easy

Find your focus quickly and easily.

In our first session together, I help you answer one seemingly simple question: What are the two areas that are most challenging for the people you’re aiming to help?

We then build your entire strategy around those two areas by using it as the basis for your quiz. During the quiz development process, you gain clarity on your avatar, promise, product offering, and content. 

With Step 1 of the process out of the way, the planning, implementation, and nurturing then flows naturally according to your time, budget, and strengths.

Get clarity on your buyer personas quickly and easily.

Gone are the days where you require copious amounts of research to understand who your potential buyers are. That time and expense was necessary back in the day where marketing was done in offline channels.

Today, with millions of people online, your tribe IS ready to buy your products. You just need to show up in a way that resonates with them.

In our first session together, I help you answer one seemingly simple question: What are the three areas that are most challenging for the people you’re selling to? We then build your entire strategy around those three areas by using it as the basis for your quiz. During the quiz development process, you gain clarity on your avatar, promise, product offering, and content. 

With Step 1 of the process out of the way, the planning, implementation, and nurturing then flows naturally according to your marketing budget.

Build trust with your members… instantly.

Entrepreneurs today are balancing their time, money, and attention in a world that demands their time, money, and attention. Everywhere you look, there is an invitation to a course, program, webinar, masterclass, or networking event promising to teach them tools to grow their business. As an organisation trying to support solo entrepreneurs with tools and training, how do you even begin to engage them?

It starts by making them feel heard.

By personalising a course curriculum to meet their time, money, unique business challenges, and inherent strengths, they’ll instantly feel that you understand their needs.

In our first session together, I help you answer the following three questions around their training needs:

  • What do the solo entrepreneurs you’re supporting need to know?
  • What do they need to understand?
  • What do they need to do?

We then build an entire personalised, interactive quiz using the know-understand-do method that meets every entrepreneur wherever they are in their business. 

An interactive course curriculum can be used:

  • As a customer acquisition strategy for solo entrepreneurs who want to know more about your program before signing up;
  • As a customer retention strategy to introduce existing customers to new training programs;
  • As a way to deliver training in a personalised way as either do-it-yourself learning, one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, or hybrid format.


Examples of quizzes using my method


"What's your vibrational impact?" was created as part of the launch of my book, Transcending Your Genius: Vibrational Marketing as a Spiritual Practice.

Tip: You'll notice that I don't mention my book until the very end as my aim was for the visitor to experience a taste of "vibration" for themselves.



The "Focused & In Flow" quiz was co-created with Louise Mosley, owner of NB Coaching, to create awareness of her brand in preparation for an upcoming group coaching program for entrepreneurs.

Tip: Notice how Louise, only at the end, informs the visitor that she's a certified Flow Consultant and provides the next steps to determining if they're a good coach-client fit.


The personalised curriculum was created to prepare Flow Consultants, Performance Consultants, and Level 1 Partners of Entrepreneurs Institute, a leading entrepreneur education group, for their quarterly coaching call.

Tip: Notice that the final assessment, which is an application process, ensures that only delegates who have completed all the modules are invited to the call.


What others have said about me


Try the Quiz Quadrant Method for yourself!

Remember, I said I combined multiple disciplines to develop a quick-and-easy method for engaging your audience and making marketing ridiculously easy? See for yourself. In the demo, I’ve used the method to personalise your experience. I then describe the method, step by step, with additional tips for how to make the most of your marketing.

When we work together on developing your quiz:

  • I incorporate these tips into your marketing strategy;
  • Your quiz is developed using customised coding that is unique to your requirements;
  • It is hosted on the Conscious Collaborators blog alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs who inspire and support one another.