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Allison Ross

Vibration Alignment Coach


What if the current blocks in your business has nothing to do with your business? What if it’s purely an indication that you’re trying to solve your business problems with the same level of consciousness that created it? 

As your Vibration Alignment Coach, I help you make business decisions from a space of heart-brain coherence. When you’re in this higher state of consciousness, you naturally raise your vibration, enhance your intuition, and attract solutions to you!

The Coaching Process

My coaching starts with the steps in “The Easy-Going Entrepreneur: Using the Law of Attraction as your marketing strategy.”

It is a culmination of 20 years of marketing experience ranging from pre-Internet days in retail to my latest workshops on digital marketing. Somewhere in the middle lies my post-graduate research into online consumer behaviour, a dash of quantum mechanics, a qualification as a HeartMath Coach, and a certification as a Flow Consultant and Passion Test Consultant with Entrepreneurs Institute.

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Most frequent questions and answers

According to Albert Einstein, you can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that create it.

 If you’re as old as I am, you were brought up to believe that the brain was the thinker and told the body what to do. Recent science has discovered that the heart has a little brain, too. There is constant communication between the heart and the brain, and the heart can actually tell the brain which chemicals to release into the body. 

The “before” picture was captured when my heart and my brain were not talking the same language. I was in fight-or-flight mode, thinking with my brain and not listening to my heart. The “after” picture is me slowing down my breathing, finding a place of neutrality and calm, and choosing a better-feeling thought so that my heart and mind were in coherence. From that space of peace, I was able to see the possibilities instead of the problems. In that moment, I raised my consciousness.

The more your practice, the more permanent it becomes.

The “before” drawing is me thinking with my head and the “after” is me thinking with my heart.

As part of a task for a 3-day Creategy (Creative Strategy) course run by University of Cape Town back in the day, the “before” picture, which I picked up on Google, accurately sums up my attempt on that day when the lecturer said: “Draw your hand.” 

Clearly, I’m no Picasso.

The “after” picture happened when I switched off my brain. In the exercise, we were taught to switch off the logical, judgemental, “you can’t do this” part of our brains and trust our natural ability to create something beyond what we thought was possible for ourselves. Suddenly, I was an artist! Without thinking, some other mechanism kicked in as I got into the flow of creating something I didn’t think was possible in me. 

As a side note, anybody can do this and here’s the trick… 

Choose any object you’d like to draw. For 20 minutes, draw it while LOOKING AWAY from the paper you’re drawing on. Yes, you’ll be drawing scribbles, but your mind doesn’t know that. It’s paying attention to the details of said object and not caring about what you’re doing on the paper. The self-criticism is switched off and you get so caught up in the details of your hand that you forget everything else. You get into flow.

After twenty minutes, draw it again, this time looking at the paper when you’re drawing. You’ll notice that your mind automatically remembers the details and you’re creating from an entirely different space. 

Well, to be fair, it’s not really something you should READ as much as it is something you should DO. It’s a series of steps that helps you get to know your future you and bring to life your vision. Simply skimming over it won’t add much value.

HeartMath® is a scientifically validated system of techniques and technologies that will help you to transform your stress, boost your resilience and empower higher performance. HeartMath is easy to learn and the simple but powerful techniques can be used “in the moment”.

As a HeartMath Coach, deliver HeartMath’s scientifically validated tools in a coaching style.

Do you ever have those moments when you’re completely immersed in an activity and everything else just fades into the background? According to positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the experience in that moment is known as flow.

As a certified Flow Consultant, I’m able help you find your flow in your life and in your business. In “Marketing from the inside out,” I focus exclusively on marketing because that’s usually where we find the biggest bottlenecks in business.

As part of the mentorship program, one step at a time, we remove those stumbling blocks and allow abundance to flow.

You may have noticed that my mentoring programs include a free Wealth Dynamics token valued at $97.

While the free Genius test tells you what your dominant genius energy is, the Wealth Dynamics test tells you how much  of each make up your unique 100%.

For example, I am 52% Dynamo, 32% Steel, 8% Blaze, and 8% Tempo. By understanding my inner genius, I am able to play to my strengths and I can help you play to yours.


There is a free test and I’ll give you the link if you promise to come right back here with your results.


Ok, here’s the link: Genius test

How clear are you on your top five passions? Most people don’t have a clue and spend their whole lives trying to figure it out.

Janet Bray Attwood created The Passion Test, which is a quick way of helping anybody identify their top five passions. As a certified Passion Test Consultant trained by Janet, I’m able to help you pinpoint your top five passions so that you can say “Yes!” to everything that fires you and “Heck, no!” to anything that doesn’t.


If you need a little guidance as you figure it out yourself, buy “The Easy-Going Entrepreneur” and ask any questions in my exclusive Vibration Alignment Coaching circle.

Price: $12

On-the-go coaching

It’s always good to know there’s a helping hand to get you through. If you’re stuck, book a 45-minute chat and we can hop on a call to answer your questions.

Price: $97

4-week coaching package

If you’re seeking longer-term benefits of heart-mind coherence, the “Business as a Spiritual Practice” program keeps you on track. One mindful step at a time, you work through some exercises, throw in some daily affirmations, and once a week for four weeks, we clear your marketing frustrations over a one-hour video call. Let’s have a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.

Price: $480

Monthly maintenance

If you need me to walk the path with you, this monthly maintenance plan gives you access to me via Zoom once a month for 60 minutes to overcome any marketing challenge. Once paid, you’ll be directed to my Calendly link for you to schedule any number of sessions in advance. 

Price: $45 per month, cancel any time.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Allison for the past month or so as I go through the process of searching for where I can add the greatest value to my mentees and clients. She has an amazing amount of knowledge, patience and understanding of how to work with Dynamos like me that have a tendency to lose focus. She has a directness and sense of humor that I love which she uses constantly to get me on track."
Dean Merritt
CEO MerrittLam