1-Minute Marketing Strategy Quiz

Not sure if you’re on track with your marketing strategy? Simply Colossal’s 1-minute marketing strategy tool helps the busy online marketer save time and alleviate the usual pressures of having to make the right marketing choices in a limited time.

Does your product have an ideal marketing strategy based purely on these 6 questions? Take a minute to find out.

Select a product and answer the six questions.
1. Is your product new to the market or do similar products already exist?
2. Do potential buyers have to touch, taste, hear, or smell your product before purchasing?
3. Are you targeting your product at businesses or at consumers?
4. Which factor is most important to your potential customers when deciding whether to buy?
5. How many times can your product be used before it has to be replenished?
6. At which stage of the decision-making process are potential buyers of your product?

Download the workbook for additional help

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