Hear To Be Seen

A 12-month marketing mentorship program for entrepreneurs who lead with empathy

Allison Wentworth Ross

Author, vibrational marketing mentor, and four-time cancer survivor



We’ve always been told that marketing is about being seen and being heard. That’s easy if you have a marketing team and a marketing budget dedicated to doing marketing every day on every platform in every shape or form.

For solo entrepreneurs, what if marketing isn’t about being seen and being heard? What if it’s about making your potential customers feel heard so that they can see you as someone who’s in their corner? When your vibration is sincere, those who are meant to get you will get you. You don’t always have to be at your best. In fact, it’s your ability to have been where they are—and maybe you’re still where they are—that allows you to speak their language in a way that’s able to transcend words.

With the Hear To Be Seen marketing mentoring program, you have access to my mentoring for a full year as I help you fine-tune your ability to:

  • Plan your marketing strategy by hearing with your heart;
  • Implement your marketing strategy by sharing from your soul.



Hearing with your heart means listening beyond words by empathising with your potential customers and seeing solutions to problems they didn’t know they had. The planning part of the Hear To Be Seen marketing mentoring program takes you through 4 key learning stages.

How I help you hear with your heart...

What's your great vision?

The biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs is that they feel like they're constantly failing. Let's start by turning your biggest disappointments into your greatest vision with a 90-minute call.

Who's in your VIP lounge?

We use the Quiz Matrix Method to generate a profile for each of your ideal customers. By noticing the subtle differences between each profile, you'll see them as people each with their own needs.

What's your message?

Human to human, you're able to draw on your experience of your worst fears, biggest failures, and deepest insecurities to create a message that connects authentically with each VIP in ways that only you can.

What are your next steps?

Whether in writing, video, imagery, or audio, deliver your message in a manner that makes them feel validated, appreciated, and understood...one profile at a time. This forms the basis of a quiz funnel, which is your starting block to creating ongoing authentic conversations with your VIPs.



Sharing from your soul means leading conversations that inspire anyone who comes into contact with you. As part of implementation, you become a part of the Conscious Collaborators Blog community (or, as we like to call it, the CoCo blog).

The CoCo blog is a peer-to-peer mentoring, coaching, and support initiative where like-minded entrepreneurs share inspiring content and shine one another’s light. When we share from the heart with the only intention being to bring peace, love, and joy, this is the energy that goes out into the world and as we bring about this positive impact, we naturally attract the perfect clients to us. More about becoming a Conscious Collaborator here…

How I help you share from your soul...

Your own personalised blog with your quiz funnel

Blogging forms the basis of speaking from your soul so you get your own, individual, personalised blog on the CoCo blog platform. When you post what inspires you whenever it inspires you in whichever form it inspires you... Words, pictures, video, podcasts... it comes up as part of the Latest Blog Posts on the CoCo blog home page.

A listing in the main Conscious Collaborators directory

As soon as you're ready to go live with your first blog post, your link will be added to the directory of conscious collaborators where visitors can search for you by name, service to the world, and message to humanity. For example, if someone's looking for a coach that believes in the power of collaboration, they'll select the "coach" tab.

Your picture and conversation on the Authentic conversations with Allison Wentworth Ross Facebook page

Once a week, an inspiring Conscious Collaborator will get an opportunity to host a conversation about the challenges of entrepreneurship and how they turn it into SUPERPOWERS.  I share these topics, event dates, summaries and fun facts on my Allison and friends Facebook page. It's a new page so you'll be one of the first to get to host an event and still benefit from all the collaborators sharing the event in their circles.

Peer-to-peer mentoring, coaching, and support

Who understands our struggles better than other entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely path and while there are excellent coaches and mentors out there, they may not always be easily accessible. As part of your conscious collaboration membership, you will be collaborating with the others to mentor, coach, and support one another in your area of expertise.

As a peer-to-peer program, you decide the level of support you'd like to provide, when you'd like to meet, what programs to roll out as part of a Conscious Collaborators initiative, and how to support one another in getting the word out there.

PRICING: $97 monthly x 12 months

Please note: Because this is a membership program, you can cancel at any time. 


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